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on Apr 03, 2020

How it works


Tell us about your website requirements and be presented with a design proposal & quotation within 1-2 working day.


After payment of the first 50%, we will kick off the project. Typically takes 5-7 working days to project completion.


After the first presentation of the website you can give feedback and share comments. Max 2 feedback round - to not linger in an endless circle of minor changes.


Launch your website with endless functionality - online payments, appointment booking system, product catalog and more.


Business owners like you are the heart of MakersMug and we always want to do everything in our power to support you.

During this uncertain business climate, business owners should adjust and address measures to deal with crisis while putting appropriate precautions in place.

This digital website package will ensure that your business’ operation and marketing continues to operate with profit and productivity, freeing up time and resources for business adaptability and reinvention.

Benefits of WEBSITE AND Marketing Automation For Your Business

1. Build Your Digital Presence
It is important to build your company brand and image. Most customers tend to do basic research on your company before making any purchases or comparison with other competitors. Without a website, you may be seen as unreliable or a business without credentials.

Reliability (e.g About Us, Why Us, Establishment for X years and more)

2. Increased Revenue and Average Deal Size
By cross-sells, up-sells, and customer follow-ups you will see an increase in your customer lifetime value.

3. Sell Your Products Online
With the current situation, most customers tend to avoid physical meet up and face-to-face. Having a website that showcase your products will influence their spending.

Digital SUPPORT PLAN Package

Trusted by many known companies.

We want to support our ALL business owner in as many ways as possible to tide through these challenging times. You can now create new online revenue streams through building an online presence using an e-commerce site or digital marketing.

Ecommerce Capabilities Use Case:
- Online showroom
- Product Catalogs
- Check out online via shopping cart
- Digital Payment (Visa, Mastercard and more)
- Appointment booking system
- Order tracking and email notification for post checkout

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