Why your company needs its own ECOMMERCE website

by John Ng
on Mar 27, 2020


• Online Catalog
• Customer Database
• Self Checkout
• E-Payment
• Shipping and tracking order
• Invoices

Why ecommerce?

Learn why a standalone ecommerce website is absolutely necessary if you want your business to be around for the long-run.

Existing platform to sell products: Carousell, ebay, amazon, facebook marketplace and more..

How would it be different when you have your own ecommerce website?

1. Build a customer email list and market directly to them

One of the most important aspects of having your own website is that you can market directly to website visitors and customers. Unlike marketplaces, where people who buy your product are the customers of the marketplace, selling directly to consumers on your website means you get to collect their contact information. When you have your customers’ email addresses, you can send them promotions, offer discounts, and announce new products.

Getting repeat buyers is much more difficult on a marketplace, because you don’t have direct access to your customers. This gives you fewer opportunities to provide good customer service and promote your other products. Since it’s easier and cheaper to retain a customer than it is to get a new one, communicating with existing customers is a necessary part of generating revenue for your business.

Not only do you know who has bought from you in the past, but you also know what they bought, how much they spent, and what they are interested in. You can use this information to influence and suggest future purchases.

2. Establish and strengthen your brand

When you sell your products on a marketplace, they are listed in a generic way. From character limits or word count restrictions to logo usage, there is little to no room for customization or branding. In fact, it is the marketplace’s brand that is in the forefront – not yours. This makes it nearly impossible to build brand awareness and recognition.Most of the time, visitors and customers assume your product belongs to the marketplace without realizing you even exist. In other words, those who purchase your product will remember the marketplace instead of you.Your goal should be for consumers to associate your product with your brand and think of your brand when they think of that category. When you run your own website, you get to maintain full control, including the way it looks, what it says, and how it works. The possibilities are endless.

3. Make your own rules

With running your own ecommerce store comes the freedom to more directly impact the customer journey:

• You can add photos and videos in certain places.
• You can alter the layout and navigation.
• You can change the color scheme and website theme.
• You can edit button placement and text.
• You can tell your company’s story.
• You can add a blog.You can feature certain customers.

Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about your competitors’ products popping up next to yours like you would with a marketplace.

You can also decide how you group and price products, and whether you want to offer free shipping. Offering something for free can influence consumer behavior, as customers want to believe they are getting a good deal.

With your own website, it’s easier to experiment with this type of offer, since there are no strict rules or regulations with which you must comply. You also don’t have to worry about the impact these changes have on your margins, since you don’t owe a percentage of each sale to a third-party, like you would on a marketplace. With a website, you ultimately control your store and have the ability to test and validate what works.


Having your own website is an important piece of your ecommerce strategy. It is a great way for you to grow your brand, acquire loyal customers, gain new insights, and get creative with your marketing. However, relying on a single channel for all of your sales can also be problematic. Diversifying where you sell online can help you reach new customers, especially as ecommerce becomes more competitive.

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