Our Capabilities

by Brandon Goh
on Dec 29, 2019

Research & Analysis

All solutions begin with understanding the problem, not the symptom.

MakersMug's industry-leading research & analysis practice provides the knowledge advantage; delivering profound insight and deep observation into business, behaviours and market trajectories to uncover the actionable insights which drive our thinking.Through the application of organisational immersion and industry benchmarking, to ethnographic studies and in-field anthropology, the results of our enquiry enable us to deliver indispensable experiences, and open fresh revenue streams for our clients.


To us, design is everything and everything is design.

We do not distinguish between code and copy, between interaction and industrial design. We simply exist to produce world-class outcomes for our clients. This is only possible when every element of our solution is delivered with sophistication and elegance.Our ensemble team of industrial, experiential, service, brand and visual designers combine their exceptional skills to create products and services that set new benchmarks of quality, design, and user experience.

Science & Engineering

Something is only beautiful when it works beautifully.

There is no point designing incredible things if they don’t work or can’t be made. We pride ourselves on our ability to conceive and envision, but also on our capabilities to deliver.

Physically, digitally, technically, we have the skill and commitment to take ideas from concept through prototypes and on to production. Innovations developed within our unique in-house prototyping workshop have led to us create valuable patents for our clients.

Creative Technology

We are not only defined by our ideas, but by the speed of our iteration.

We create technology to seamlessly blend products and services into people’s lives; enhancing their engagement and driving the truly connected, immersive, entertaining, personalized and multi-sensory experiences of the future.

Our multi-disciplinary team combines iterative technology research and development, with integrated functional prototyping to deliver compelling, demonstrable solutions: allowing us to design, make and test our ideas rapidly and at scale.

Business Innovation & Strategy

Product, experience, brand. It’s all the same to us.

With markets undergoing constant change, it’s easy to get distracted and lose sight of what really matters. We work with our clients to help them remember, articulate, and reinvigorate themselves.

Focusing on value and growth, we harness strategic thinking and rapid action to deliver sustainable, meaningful transformation of their businesses and their customers lives.



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